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About Paul pringle

Paul has a depth of experience and great skill in using a range

of evidence based approaches and his own compassion and

insight to improve the quality of thinking and learning both in

the context of academic and social learning. 

His particular gift is in helping young people and their families

to develop and apply thinking strategies in order to develop

resilience, manage strong emotions and resolve conflict.


A wealth of research now suggests that data; the facts and

figures, is no longer absolute monarch. Of course, it is possible to use facts and figures to inform and deliver information, but the evidence suggests that story and narrative are a more effective way to engage and convince, to motivate and promote meaning and empathy. Our brains, it appears, are hard-wired neurologically to respond to stories, particularly character driven stories.


Ironically, and tragically, the world of Education seems to be careering headlong in the opposite direction, with an ever-increasing obsession with measurement and the collection and proliferation of data.

Storytelling has been used for millennia to delight and entertain, but it is vastly more than that. Metaphor is the language of the brain. Stories provide patterns and templates through which we make sense of our world and our place in it.  Of course, we need the data; the facts, the numbers….and we need the ‘techies’ to manage that data. But the data is not the story, and the tech guys are not the story….they exist to help us tell the story.

At Happy Endings we understand the power of story and integrate it into the learning process. We live in an age where there are more platforms from which to tell our stories than ever before in human history, and a plethora of stories competing for our children's attention. It is of vital importance that the stories we tell our children are carefully selected to nurture and nourish them as thinkers, learners and people.